Reading and Writing Enrichment


Literary Analysis
Expository Analysis
Reading & Writing Workshop


At CHUNGDAHM ReadWrite, students will gain the tools necessary to improve their reading comprehension, writing skills, and critical thinking abilities to advance as intellectuals. Our goal is to challenge each student to the maximum of his or her ability through a variety of methods that extend across all of our core courses. With a strong focus on critical reading, writing and thinking, students will gain the skills necessary to achieve lasting success.

In all our core classes, your student will:

• Build critical reading skills and the ability to recognize literary elements such as purpose, bias, and literary devices. Understand not only what the text says, but also how the claims are portrayed

• Advance problem solving skills via analysis and discussion of advanced texts

• Challenge current reading level by studying texts at least two levels ahead of current grade

• Gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of literature via close reading, class discussion and Q & A

• Learn and apply advanced vocabulary in context of course content – more than 100 words a semester

• Write at least 11 persuasive essays in response to course content each semester, receiving feedback on multiple drafts in order to develop advanced writing skills

• Grow confidence and skill in stating and defending opinions during class discussion

• Improve public speaking and presentation abilities

Waking Minds Writing Program:

Over the course of each month, students will have an average of 8 essay writing opportunities using CHUNGDAHM’s online writing system. With feedback timing of just 4 days, students have multiple opportunities to revise and rewrite their essays. They receive feedback from their online tutor as well as their classroom instructor on first drafts and final drafts. There are an average of 4 full essay revisions each month.